Quenya/Texts in Quenya/Eldar ataformaiti

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Tengwar Quenya English

`Vm#6 `C1EeY6tlD1T=

`VqR1lD `B 9ÍC6t# ~M 1R5 `MjaD 8~Bt#7ÎD,R5-

~MiG`V= `C5 a~V t^ zF65$ zF2$j$ 5~Mt$5:#= yR iR5Ì#=

`B 9ÍC6t# 1R4#5$ t$jaH7Rj°^=

`C6 a~V t^ eY6t$5:# 1R4#5$8 `Ct#5:#--

Eldar ataformaiti,
epetai i hyarma ú ten ulca símaryassen.
úsië, an cé mo quernë cendelë númenna, ve senya,
i hyarma tentanë Melcorello,
ar cé mo formenna tentanes Amanna.
The Elves were ambidexters,
consequently the left hand was not to them evil in their imaginations.
On the contrary, for if one turned the face westward, as was usual,
the left hand pointed away from Melkor,
and if northwards, it pointed toward towards Aman.