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The following USB controller devices are provided.

xHCI[edit | edit source]

xHCI controllers can handle USB 1.0/2.0/3.0.

name bus description
nec-usb-xhci PCI
qemu-xhci PCI

EHCI[edit | edit source]

EHCI controllers can only handle USB 2.0 (with a few exceptions not included by QEMU), so a companion controller is needed for USB 1.x.

name bus description
usb-ehci PCI
ich9-usb-ehci1 PCI

UHCI[edit | edit source]

Intel and VIA controllers fall into this section. Other vendors tend to use OHCI.

These controllers support USB 1.0 and are more software-intensive than their counterparts, thus less efficient at virtualization.

name bus description
ich9-usb-uhci1 PCI
ich9-usb-uhci2 PCI
ich9-usb-uhci3 PCI
piix3-usb-uhci PCI
piix4-usb-uhci PCI
vt82c686b-usb-uhci PCI

OHCI[edit | edit source]

Controllers under this section support USB 1.1.

name bus description
sysbus-ohci System OHCI USB Controller
pci-ohci PCI Apple USB Controller