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  • There are pre-compiled binaries for Windows. It may save some time to use them. However as of this writing, they are out of date with respect to the source repository, by a full version number.
  • Download the source code at the main website's download page.
  • Running ./configure from the directory where the source archive was extracted will result in an error with Cygwin's CC. Instead use:
    • ./configure --cc="gcc-3 -mno-cygwin" --host-cc=gcc-3
  • Dependencies - There are several libs required that may not be installed as of yet. If configure fails complaining that one of these is missing, you may choose to either install directly from Cygwin's installer, or build them from source. Instructions for the latter can be found on MinGW. Dependencies include the following:
    • zlib
    • gettext
    • glib 2.20 or later.
    • libiconv
    • pkg-config