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Stripe are type of puzzles which stripes (lines) had to be drawn in order to complete the puzzle.



  • Join all dots (without exceptions) to form a single loop
  • The loop cannot cross or touch itself at any points
  • Only horizontal and vertical lines between dots are allowed
  • Some parts of the loop are already given

Bridges / Hashiwokakero[edit]


  • Join circled numbers with horizontal or vertical lines
  • Each number must have as many lines connected to it as specified by its value
  • No more than 2 lines may join any pair of numbers and no line may cross
  • The finished layout must connect all numbers, so that you can travel between any pair of numbers by following one or more lines



  • Draw a single horizontal or vertical lines across full width or the height of the center of every white cell
  • The total length of all lines touching each black cells must be equal to the number printed on the cell. The length of a line is the number of cells it cover



  • Draw a single loop by connecting together some dots so that each numbered square has the specified number of adjacent line segment
  • Dots can only be joined by horizontal or vertical lines
  • The loop cannot touch , cross or overlap itself in any way.

Number link[edit]


  • Draw a series of separate path, each connecting a pair of identical numbers
  • No more than one line can enter any cell, and line can travel horizontally, or vertically between cells.



  • Draw a single loop by joining empty cells with horizontal and vertical lines, such that the loop do not revisit any cell.
  • Any empty cells which the loop does not visit must be shaded. Shaded cells cannot touch except diagonally
  • Arrows in cells indicate exact number of shaded cells in given direction
  • Not all of shaded cells are identified by arows



  • Draw a single loop using only horizontal and vertical lines that passes through center of each every circle
  • White circle - Pass thru in a straight line
  • Black circle - 90 degrees turn
  • If the loop hit the wall, need to turn 90 degrees
  • The loop cannot enter any cells more than once