Puzzles/Physics puzzles/Levitating Straws

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1. Take 4 ordinary straws.

2. Take a 1.5 inch square piece of napkin or any paper. Moisten it a little (saliva or water will do) twist and roll it into a stick.

3. Insert your paper stick into the ends of two straws, forming one long straw connected by the help of the paper stick.

                    / \\
                   /   \ \
                  /     \  \
                 /       \   \    ------------

4. Bend then stand the long straw in a triangle, ^ denotes the paper stick connecting both straws. Use a third straw to assist the straws in standing upright on a flat surface. In essence you have formed a pyramid. Two of the straws are attached the third being only an assistant.

5. Now take your fourth straw to lift all three straws into the air simultaneously, without using your hand to touch any other straw.

Note: This is not a word game, nor is there a cheap solution. If you apply some logic you will find an interesting solution.