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Odd one out is the puzzle of which the objective is to pick out the odd one out of the choices provided. To solve the OOO puzzles, we must have knowledge of the category beforehand

Here is example of the basic odd one out puzzles.
Question :Cities
London , Jakarta , Ankara , New Delhi , Hanoi , United States , Warsaw

The correct answers are United States because the list above show the list of capital city

  • London - Britain
  • Jakarta - Indonesia
  • Ankara - Turkey
  • New Delhi - India
  • Hanoi - Vietnam
  • Warsaw - Poland

Hence, the only odd-one-out are United States which it represent the country instead of capital city. You can try to solve it using online odd one out solver (listed in bibliographic below)

Quiz Time[edit | edit source]

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1 Q1: Sports


2 Q2: Monuments

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