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  • To your first nine friends, you give them an apple each. To your tenth friend, you hand her the basket containing the apple. She has an apple, but she also has the basket containing the apple.
  • You have ten apples in a basket. You have an eleventh apple in your hand. You give out the one in your hand and nine of your ten from the basket, leaving one in the basket for you.

//Solutions below are only humorous and not Logical //

  • Since it doesn't say there are only(Do in the real world we always use only? Surely we mean it without saying else every sentence of us will include "only". Consider "My name is only Ramjane".) ten apples in the basket, it's possible the basket could start out with eleven apples in it. Then when you give out ten apples to your ten friends, you still have one apple in the basket.
  • You discover a horrible secret about your friend Brian, end your friendship and put his apple back in the basket
  • Alternately, end Brian, and take the apple back.
  • The basket is lying under an apple tree. At the right moment you shake the tree, catching a falling apple.
  • Ask Brian to wait a minute for his apple. Give the first apple to the second friend, the second to the third, the third to the fourth, the fourth to the fifth, the fifth to the sixth, the sixth to the seventh, the seventh to the eighth, the eighth to the ninth and the ninth apple to Brian, the tenth man, leaving one remaining apple in the basket.
  • You consider yourself as one of the friends, and so you still have the basket with an apple.
  • You went back to the store and bought another apple.
  • Two of your apples got frisky in the basket and had little applets
  • The tenth friend was a magician so he created the eleventh apple.
  • You are a kid and your tenth friend is an imaginary one.