Puzzles/Chess puzzles/Knight and 16 pawns

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16 pawns in Chessboards.png

Your knights are the remaining last soldier standing in the normal chess board game. These are 16 pawns that are arranged in these two hollow squares formation that aimed to overtake you .

Refer the picture on your right for formations.

How can your knight are able to defeat all of the pawns in just 16 moves. (P.S: Note that your knight need to defeat the pawn in every move that your knight made)

There are 2 rules of the puzzles:
(a) The knights are allowed to start on any squares inhabited by the pawns.
(b) The knights allowed move are its legal move (Two move forward and one move to side [left / right])


The first capture may be on any pawn except pawns at c4, d3, d4, e5, e6, and f5.

Here is one of the solutions for the knights starting at pawn c2, b4, d3, b2, c4, d2, b3, d4, e6, g7 ,f5, e7, g6, e5, f7, and g5

Knights and 16 pawns.png