Public Digital Backbone/Chapter 8. Conclusion

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8. Conclusion

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“Digital Public Infrastructure are the arteries of the global civilization, connecting people, places, and things in unprecedented ways. They are the enablers of innovation, collaboration, and empowerment, creating new possibilities for human development and social progress. They are also the guardians of our common values, ensuring that our digital rights and responsibilities are respected and protected. They are not static or fixed, but dynamic and adaptable, evolving with the changing needs and aspirations of the societies they serve. They are the future we are building together.” -A Near Future Sci-fic Writer


As we stand at the cusp of further technological evolution, what does the future hold for Public Digital Backbones? This concluding chapter casts an eye forward, speculating on future innovations, potential expansions, and the evolving needs of societies globally. Through forward-thinking discourse, we aim to paint a picture of a world continuously bettered by digital public infrastructure.


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