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Project Close Out Phase[edit | edit source]

Closing[edit | edit source]

  • process of gaining formal acceptance for the results of a project or phase.
  • bringing project or phase to an orderly end.
  • archiving of project information and post-project review.

Output[edit | edit source]

  • project archives
  • formal acceptance documentation
  • project review
  • team member evaluations
  • lessons learned report = last deliverable

Formal Acceptance Of The Project By The Customers[edit | edit source]

  • first step in close out phase
  • a goals of the close out phase?
  • formal acceptance documentation should be prepared
  • PM should document customer acceptance

Project Review[edit | edit source]

  • necessary task in preparation of the Close Out phase
  • asses and evaluate each phases of the project
  • asses and evaluate the overall project performance
  • a way to learn from the experience and continuously improve project performance

Project Archives[edit | edit source]

  • leave clear and complete documentation of the project

Ongoing Maintenance Should Be Discussed In A Project Close Out Meeting[edit | edit source]

Executive Sponsor Is Responsible For Authorizing Closure Of The Project[edit | edit source]

All Contract Files Must Be Closed Out[edit | edit source]

Lessons Learned Report[edit | edit source]

  • PM may need to study from previous projects

Project Audit[edit | edit source]

  • formal review of project progress and results
  • did project achieve benefits as planned
  • was work accomplished according to plan