Programming with ooc/Installing

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ooc code is compiled to C using rock

The rock github page contains a list of high-level dependencies and more detail for UNIX and Windows.

Installing in Ubuntu Linux[edit | edit source]

Boehm GC (optional)[edit | edit source]

1. Download the Boehm GC from here.

2. Configure, compile and install

  ./configure [--prefix=/<alternate path>]
  make install

rock[edit | edit source]

3. Download and compile rock

  git clone rock
  cd rock
  make rescue

The first time you compile ooc source with rock will take a little longer than subsequent builds because of the nature of the compilation to C99 followed by compilation of C process. In the .libs directory - that is created wherever you call rock - the compiler will produce not only C code for your ooc but also produce the C code for the language constructs used by your code under .libs/ooc/sdk. Future compiles (especially those that do not use additional language features or parts of the sdk) will be significantly more spritely. Enjoy!