Programming for Palm OS/PrcTools

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PRC-Tools can be used to cross compile Palm OS software on UN*X compatible systems such as Linux, BSD and Cygwin.


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installing Palm OS SDKs (development material) on Linux

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Source a Palm OS SDK and place it in /tmp, then:

 cd /usr/local/share
 sudo tar xzf /tmp/palmos-sdk-5.0r3-1.tar.gz
 sudo mv sdk-5r3 palmdev

installing PRC-Tools on Debian Lenny

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Should you find that prc-tools is not packaged for Lenny:

 cd /tmp
 sudo apt-get install libstdc++5
 sudo dpkg -i *.deb

testing PRC-Tools with Hello World

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Create a file called HelloWorld.c, then:

 m68k-palmos-gcc HelloWorld.c -o hello
 m68k-palmos-obj-res hello
 build-prc Hello.prc "Hello" HELO *.hello.grc

Although a Makefile makes for less typing.

debugging with GDB

[edit | edit source]
  1. build with the -g and -O0 options
  2. m68k-palmos-gdb App (where App is the object code fed into build-prc)
  3. target pilot localhost:6414
  4. start the app on POSE