Programming AI with Leaf/Overview

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Overview[edit | edit source]

The Leaf Project is a group robot development program whose objective is to develop a robot platform that supports experiments with artificial intelligence, computer vision|vision, navigation, etc.

Leaf was created by Bruce Weimer. He is an artificial life program. Leaf was inspired by the computer game Creatures (artificial life program)|Creatures, by Steve Grand, in which artificial beings hatch, develop, and interact in a simulated environment.


  • has an artificial personality
  • is an open source project
  • responds to spoken commands
  • responds to visual information
  • can be used with just a Personal computer
  • can be interfaced to a robot through his own circuit board
  • is programmed in LISP
  • can use a CSLU Toolkit animated face
  • uses Robin Hewitt's webcam implementation to for vision
  • can be completely customized and users are encouraged to customize and improve him
  • software is currently used in an R2-D2 replica
  • has a hardware/ electronic platform created by Alex Brown that supports basic mobility, sensing and control from an on-board PC

Three Leaf robots were completed in 2004 and four more were built in 2006.