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Professional and Technical Writing
How to Turn the Page About Professional Writing Rhetoric

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This is a wikibook created by students and teachers of Technical and Professional Writing. It is intended to be used as a guide for anything from writing a resume and cover letter to a company memo, report, or proposal once you are on the job. When exploring this wikibook you will discover details and tips that you will find helpful when composing various writing structures common in today's work place.

This book begins with The Rhetorical Nature of Technical and Professional Writing and ends with an Appendix. The following gives insight to each area discussed in the book in addition to displaying an outline of the wiki book.

The Rhetorical Nature of Technical and Professional Writing[edit | edit source]

The goal of rhetorical writing is to effectively communicate information to a group or an audience. It can be used for general or professional communication. The main focus here is the communication with your co-workers or the boss. The Rhetorical Nature of Technical and Professional Writing

Ethics and Technical Communication[edit | edit source]

This section covers legal and ethical issues associated with the managing of communication between different cultures. Ethics and Technical Communication

Career Documents[edit | edit source]

This section offers guidelines as well as tips in constructing documents such as resumes and cover letters. These two documents are critical for obtaining a desired job. An excellent resume and cover letter will make you stand out among other competitors and help you get the job you want. Career Documents

Business Communications[edit | edit source]

Business Communications are the tools that would be used in the workplace. They teach us how to create a communication between coworkers. This includes having a main point to your writing, as well as something to attract your readers attention. This section offers a "how to" of writing a business letter, to composing business worthy e-mails, and memos. In addition, there is also a focus on website design, which is an essential tool in today's business world. Business Communications

Designing Documents[edit | edit source]

This is the nitty gritty of document design. Subjects discussed in this section include the details of front matter (i.e. table of content) and back matter (i.e appendix), how to organize a document, and usability testing. Having the ability to properly create, display, and organize the front and back matter of your document places you at a distinct advantage. The front matter is where most readers get the most interested and those who wish to look further into your document can view the appendix. These two sections are very important because of their effect on the reader. Designing Documents

Composing Business Reports and Proposals[edit | edit source]

This section starts by giving the reader the 3 P's of Reports and Proposals: Planning, Preparing, and Presenting. In addition is the "how to" of writing feasibility studies. Composing Business Reports and Proposals

Writing Technical Instructions[edit | edit source]

A comprehensive guide to writing instructions is offered in this section. Including the importance of using visuals with your documents. Using visuals properly not only helps the audience to understand but gives the writer some credit for his work. Visuals help convey the intended message much faster than words. The skills offered in this section will give you the ability to send a more powerful message to your intended audience. Writing Technical Instructions

Project Management[edit | edit source]

This section explains the art of planning and managing to attain a specified goal by offering strategies that will lead to successful team management. Project Management

Appendix[edit | edit source]

Which includes Additional Information, Text History, a Glossary, and FAQ. Giving a good example of what to consider including in your formal document(s).

CONCLUSION[edit | edit source]

This Technical and Professional Writing WikiBook is an in-depth book that covers a broad area in business writing. This wikibook is a great reference aid and will benefit you in all your future professional communications.

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