Pro Engineer/Drawing Repeat Regions - Report Symbols

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Modify Report Parameter for repeat index to &rpt.rel.relation_parameter > Update table

This apparently allows changing from using rpt_index parameter value to relation_parameter value

The example is to convert from 1,2,3,4 to 001, 002, 003, 004, and so forth. (external link)

see (external link)



user defined (how does this help? where would i enter the info in the part file?)







generic (same as user defined?)

Location... ok

name... ok




ptc material ok

ptc unit ok

top generic?




dgm ?????????????? and all sub menues.....

fam ????????????



material .. ok

mbr (same as asm sub menue) ?


mfg ok?

prs ?????????

rpt ok

weldasm ok

rpt.index - This parameter keeps track of sequential item numbers (also called "find numbers") in the BOM. The system maintains and automatically increments this number starting at "1".

rpt.qty - This parameter keeps track of the total quantity of each item. The system maintains and automatically increments this number starting from "1". - This parameter contains the name of each component (part or subassembly) in an assembly.

When you go to select report symbols, you can select from multiple levels of parameters. As you showed before, the menu cascades to allow a host of potential selections. Most of them are irrelevant unless you're making a specialized BOM for cabling or piping. It would take a very large space to fully explain what each of the items in the list are used for. There's some documentation in the Pro/E help files but it's rather confusing. I've listed some of the basics below. One thing to note... you almost never need to use ANY of the parameters below except for and the "user defined" one. The rest are very specialized and you'll rarely, if ever, use them.

Alternate listing (they need to be combined into a single table.)



cblprm - Cabling use

cblprms - Cabling Use

comp - Cabling Use

connprm - Cabling Use

cparam - Cabling Use

Cparams - Cabling Use

generic - For use with family tables. Returns name of the generic part/assembly

name - Returns the name of each component in an assembly

param - For use with 2D nested repeat regions

pipe - For use with Piping

type - Returns type of each component (assembly, part, etc)\

user_defined - Allows you to fill in your own parameter name

Perhaps the most useful parameter is the "user defined" one. Any parameter you have set in the 3D model can be accessed using the "user defined" parameter.

For example, let's say you have the following parameters set inside your 3D models (accessed by going into Tools>Parameters):

Description = "Bushing, Size #2, Stainless Steel, #150"

Part_Number = "123456-111"

Designers_Name = "Martin"

To access these parameters in your BOM, you'd use the parameters:




Notice that these are not in the standard list of options but you can add your own parameters at will in this fashion.

I'm not sure this is making sense... but I hope it helps. If it's still muddy, write back and I'm sure Mr. Mahanta and I can help further.