Practice Problems in LOLGraphics/Problem III - Byzantine Calendar

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Namer has successfully written a program in LOLGraphics that converts numbers to Greek Numerals, and the cat from the Order of the Tiger has led him to the location of the hot air balloon that belongs to the Kingdom of Cats. There were other cats, and each got a computer and a page. The page read:

Congratulations for reaching this far! Only one of you can get to the Kingdom of Cats, however, and in order to determine which one, each of you will try to write a program in LOLGraphics and the one who finishes first will proceed. Because we are standing on the site of former Constantinople, the problem is to write a code that converts Gregorian dates to Byzantine dates. The program will ask the user to enter the numbers of the current year, month, and say, and the program will print the year, name of month, and day according to the Byzantine Calendar.

The Byzantine Calender is 13 days behind the Gregorian Calender so Byzantine January 1 is Gregorian January 14. Also the Byzantine New Year is on September 1 (Gregorian September 14) not January. Another thing to put attention on is the years. Gregorian September 1, 2027 is Byzantine August 19, 7525. Gregorian September 14, 2027 is Byzantine September 1, 7526.