Practical Electronics/Manual of Style/Pinouts

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General Layout[edit]

The chip should be vertical - that is, the pins run down the left and right sides. Pin 1 should be at the top left, along with the identifier dot.

The chip should be centred in the image, both horizontally and vertically.

The font used for the labels should be one that is supported by the MediaWiki rendering engine, and preferably DejaVu Sans, as that is used for most pinout diagrams, and will help maintain consistency.

Pin Labels[edit]

The can be inside or outside the IC. Generally with logic ICs, the gates are drawn on the inside along with the IC designation (eg 4008), and the labels are on the outside. With other ICs, the labels are on the outside and only the IC number is in the middle

The labels down the left hand side should all be left-aligned with each other, and those down the right hand side should be right-aligned.


Pinout diagrams should be uploaded to Commons in the category "IC Pinout Diagrams" (case sensitive).

Please use the following file name format for pinouts:

Pinouts:    [IC Number]_Pinout.svg

Replace the [IC Number] with the relevant number. In this manner, the pinout of a 4081 AND gate has the name "4081_Pinout.svg".

If uploading a template, use the following name:

Templates:  Pinout Template XX Pin.svg

Replace "XX" with the number of pins in the relevant package.


Use the following templates wherever possible. Please do not change them, unless you are absolutely certain it is an improvement, and you are willing to change every other pinout diagram in this wikibook.

Also consider modifying a similar pinout diagram as this is easier and will help to ensure consistency. Be careful not to overwrite the original when doing this as, although it can be reverted, it is a nuisance.

To use these, go to the image page, download the file and open in the SVG editor of your choice. Insert your pin labels, convert them to paths, save and upload.


If you wish, you can colour-code the pins according to function:

  • Input: Green
  • Output: Blue
  • Power: Red
  • Bidirectional: Orange
  • Other: None