Practical Electronics/IC/4016

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Logic Type Analogue
Function Family Bilateral switch
Description Quad bilateral switch
Pins 14
4016 Pinout.svg
Functional Diagram
4016 Functional Diagram.svg

The 4016 contains 4 analogue bilateral switches, each with an active-high enable input (A) and two input/outputs (X and Y). When the enable input is asserted (high), the X and Y terminals are connected by a low impedance; this is the on condition. When the enable is low, there is a high impedance path between X and Y, and the switch is off. This IC can be used in flat top sampling with the help of a BJT, resistors and capacitors.

The 4066 is pin-compatible with the 4016, but has a significantly lower on impedance and more constant on resistance over the full range of input voltage. Therefore, the 4066 is preferable to the 4016 in most cases.