Practical Electronics/IC/4007

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Logic Type Transistor-level
Function Family Transistor
Description Dual complementary pair and inverter
Pins 14
4007 Pinout.svg
Functional Diagram
4007 Functional Diagram.svg

The 4007 integrated circuit contains three complementary enhancement-mode MOSFET pairs. One pair has connections to the drain terminals, one to the source terminals and the commonned drains (i.e. it is wired as an inverter) and one allows access to all source and drain connections. All pairs have the gate terminals commonned and available. The bulk connections are to the power rails (VDD for the p-channel devices and VSS for the n-channel devices).

The meanings of the abbreviations on the diagrams to the right are:

Pins Functions
SP2, SP3 Source terminals of 2nd and 3rd p-channel MOSFETs
DP1, DP2 Drain terminals of 1st and 2nd p-channel MOSFETs
DN1, DN2 Drain terminals of 1st and 2nd n-channel MOSFETs
SN2, SN3 Source terminals of 2nd and 3rd n-channel MOSFETs
D3 Drain terminals (common) of 3rd p-channel and n-channel MOSFETs
G1, G2, G3 Gate terminals of each MOSFET pair.