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Imperfect Tense Irregular Verbs[edit]

If you haven't already had a look at Imperfect tense regular verbs then go there first.

There are four verbs which are conjugated irregularly in Portuguese.

They are vir (to come), ter (to have), ser (to be) and pôr (to put)

VIR - To Come

I was coming Eu vinh a
You (s,inf) were coming Tu vinh as
He was coming
(also ela, você)
Ele vinh a
We were coming Nós vinh
You (p) were coming Vós vinh
They were coming
(also elas, vocês)
Eles vinh am

TER - To Have

I had Eu tinh a
You (s,inf) had Tu tinh as
He had
(also ela, você)
Ele tinh a
We had Nós_
You (p) had Vós_
They had
(also elas, vocês)
Eles tinh am

SER - To Be

I was Eu er a
You (s,inf) were Tu er as
He was
(also ela, você)
Ele er a
We were Nós_
You (p) were Vós_
They were
(also elas, vocês)
Eles er am

PÔR - To Put

I was putting Eu punh a
You (s,inf) were putting Tu punh as
He was putting
(also ela, você)
Ele punh a
We were putting Nós_
You (p) were putting Vós_
They were putting
(also elas, vocês)
Eles punh am