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The imperfect subjunctive is formed by adding the following endings to the stem.

For all verbs this is formed from the third person plural preterite stem plus the set endings in the table below for the type of verb

What is meant by the 'stem' in this case is what is left after taking the 'ram' ending from the 'eles' form of the preterite tense.

Trying this with a regular verb (1st person singular form): FALAR > falaram - ram = fala > fala + sse = FALASSE

Trying this with an irregular verb (1st person singular form): FAZER > fizeram - ram = fize > fize + sse = FIZESSE

For the 'nós' and 'vós' forms, accents must be added as per the table below:

...I was speaking
Eu fala sse
...you were speaking
Tu fala sses
...he was speaking
(also ela, você)
Ele fala sse
...we were speaking
Nós fal



Nós comêssemos

Nós partíssemos

...you (p) were speak Vós fal


Vós comêsseis

Vós partísseis

...they were speaking
(also elas, vocês)
Eles fala ssem