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General Slang [edit | edit source]

Bagulho (bah-GOO-lyo)
Thing, drug (very rude)
Beleza? (beh-LEH-zah)
Wassup? (Positive way.)
Cê (between SEH and SAY)
Short for "você" (you)
Zueira, zuera, zoeira (zoo-AY-rah - zoo-E-rah ["E" sounds like "E" in "trend"])
Prank, joke
Chapado (shah-PAH-do)
Drunk, stoned
Baseado (bah-zeh-A-doo)
Joint, marijuana cigarette
Gata, gatinha (GAH-tah - gah-CHEEN-yah)
Babe, hot girl
Gato, gatinho (GAH-to - gat-CHEEN-yo)
Babe, hot boy
Grana (GRAHN-nah)
Gringo (GREEN-go)
Legal (leh-GOW ["OW" sounds like "OW" in "NOW"])
Mana (MAHN-nah)
Mano (MAHN-no)
Massa (MAH-sah)
Same as "legal": cool
Muito louco (MOO-een-to LOE-co)
Cool (or funny)
Nossa (NOH-sah)
Exclamation like Wow
Os homi (OOZ OHM-mee)
The cops
Parceira (par-SAY-rah)
sis, mate, buddy (female)
Parceiro (par-SAY-ro)
Bro, mate, dude, buddy (male)
Perua (pee-ROO-ah)
Rich Women (Negative), Station wagon car
Playba, playboy (PLAY-bah - play-BOY)
Playboy, rake
Puxa, puxa vida) (POO-shah - POO-shah VEE-dah)
Whoa, Geez, gosh
Qualé? (kwal-EH)
X-9 (SHEES NOH-vee)
P-T, Perda Total (pee-tee - pee-er-DUH toh-TOW ["OW" sounds like "OW" in "NOW"])
Passed out, Puking, Wasted, from drinking

The above list of expressions can be understood all over the country, but it doesn't mean you'll hear people speaking this all around. 'Legal', for instance, is far less used in the Northeast region. There, 'massa' is much more used.

Northeast region (Alagoas, Bahia, Ceará, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Sergipe)[edit | edit source]

Cabra (CAH-brah)
Same as "meu" from São Paulo, but, like "cara", it is used only when you're talking to a male person
Eita, eita pega (AY-tah - AY-tah PAY-gah)
Gosh, as in "Gosh! what have done!"
Oxe, oxente (OSH - osh-EHN-tee)
Why, as in "why! that's strange"
Vixe, vixe Maria (VEESH - VEESH mah-REE-ah)
Holy mother! (comes from Virgem Maria -- the Virgin Mary)
Vôti (VOE-tee)
Same as "eita" or "vixe"

Rio de Janeiro[edit | edit source]

Sangue bom (SAHN-ghee BOHM)
"Nice man", someone trustable, means "Good blood". You can also say only "Sangue"
Mermao (MEH-MOUN)
Brother, brodah
Caraca (cah-RAH-cah)
Exclamation, like "Holy" Or "What the..."

Rio Grande do Sul[edit | edit source]

Tri (TREE)
Cool (in many contexts)
Tri-legal (TREE leh-GOW)
Very cool

São Paulo[edit | edit source]

Note: If you talk in slangs with the young ones, be careful because they are divided in "tribos"(meaning: groups) like skaters, surfers, etc. The slang spoken by a certain group may sound senseless to another one.

Mano (MAHN-no)
Boy, dude, guy
Mina (MEEN-nah)
Rolé (hol-EH)
"A ride." (e.g. Vamos dar um rolé. - Let´s go for a ride.)
Sampa (SAHM-pah)
São Paulo
Truta (TROO-tah)
Brother, brodi, brou (same pronoun as in english)
Friend, dude
Cara (CAH-rah)
Meu (MEH-o)

Minas Gerais[edit | edit source]

Trem (TREIN)
Sô (between SOH and SOE)
Emphasis per se, it´s an early alitheration for SENHOR(Sir). E.g. O quê que é isso, sô? - What is this *sô* !!;Trem (TREHM-eem)
Used as a substitute for "this" (e.g.: "Que TREM que é esse?" - What is this? )
Chegar pra lá, dar licença
Uai (like the letter "Y")
Doubt Exclamation (Used also as an emphasis.)

Goiás[edit | edit source]

Vish (VEESH)
Used for surprise, like "Wow". (abreviation for "virgem Maria" (virgin Mary))
Nem (NAIM)
Demonstration of disapproval (something like "no way").
Anem (ah-NAIM)
Demonstration of disapproval (same as "nem"), or pity (like "oh no, I can't believe").
Moço (MOLSS)
Moço do céu (MOLLS-doo-cell)
vocative used to start a tragic story or to indicate surprise. (translates literally as "heaven's man")
Véi de Deus (VAIGH-dee-deaous)
alternative "moço do céu" (other alternation is "véu do céu" or "moço de Deus" - translates literally as "god's old man")
Cê pira? (say-PEE-rah?)
"Do you believe?" or used to begin unlikely stories: "do you believe (that) ______ ?". "Cê pira?" literally means "you go crazy?".
Desgreta (jees-GRAY-tah)
Esparrado (espa-RAH-doh)

Brasilia (DF)[edit | edit source]

Vei (vaigh)
Sinistro (SEE-NIS-Through)
sometimes cool, sometimes awesome, sometimes unbelievable (depends on context)
Pega leve (Pague a lav)
take it easy
Vaza (vah zah)
go away
Carai, Vei! (Car i, vaigh)
whadda fuck, dude!
Pô (Pow)
Oh, what? OR Fuck!
Sacanagem (SAH-CAH-NAH-jin)
(lots of meanings - also bad word) could be prank, mean