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You should have already had a look at the page Definite and Indefinite Articles. If you haven't, have a look over it. Now it's time to have a little practice, as well as learn some vocabulary. It might be best to print this page out or copy it to fill out in a word processing application.

Note that when a word ends in an -s it is plural: to determine whether it is masculine or feminine, take off the -s (or sometimes -es if the word ends in -res, -ses or zes) to determine gender. Pay attention to the real meaning of the word because the way to determine gender needs it.

Fill in with the correct definite article (a, o, as, os):
___ filhos - sons
___ filha - daughter
___ mulher - woman
___ homem - man
___ irmãos - brothers
___ irmã - sister
___ casa - house
___ jogos - games
  Fill in the correct indefinite article (um, uma, uns, umas)
___ cão - dog
___ amigos - male friends
___ amiga - female friend
___ nome - name (masculine)
___ dias - days (masculine)
___ semanas - weeks
___ rapazes - boys
___ rapariga - girl

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