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The pluperfect tense is used to show temporal relationships in the past. It shows that one event happened before another, as in "I had already eaten dinner before you called". All regular verbs follow the one pattern, except for an accent in the "we" and "you" (plural) forms of the verbs, which change depending on whether the verb is "-ar", "-er" or "-ir".

The regular pluperfect tense is formed as follows:

I had spoken
Eu falar a
You had spoken
Tu falar as
He had spoken
(also ela, você)
Ele falar a
We had spoken
Nós falár



Nós comêramos

Nós partíramos

You (p) had spoken Vós falár


Vós comêreis

Vós partíreis

They were speaking
(also elas, vocês)
Eles falar am