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By now, we have seen many verbs, like gostar, ser, estar and ter. Up until now, we have looked at the various conjugations of these verbs individually. However, for the vast majority of Portuguese verbs, there are simple rules to follow in order to get the various conjugations for a verb. In Portuguese, there are three main types of verbs: those that end with -ar, those that end in er and ir. Of these, some are irregular - that means the rules don't apply. However, most of them are regular. Now we'll have a look at the most common types of verbs, those that end in -ar.

falar remove 'ar'


eu fal  +  o eu  falo
tu fal  +  as tu   falas
ele/ela/você fal  +  a ele  fala
nós fal  +  amos nós falamos
vós fal  +  ais vós falais
eles/elas/vocês fal  +  am eles falam