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The conditional mood in Portuguese is the equivalent of the "would + infinitive" construction in English.

It is used to express a situation in which there are "conditions". For example:

I would go to the party if you took me.
Eu iria à festa se você me levasse

The conditional is frequently used along with the imperfect subjunctive, as in the context above.

conditional + if + imp. subjunctive - Eu compraria um carro se tivesse dinheiro.

If + imp. subjunctive + conditional - Se eu tivesse dinheiro, compraria um carro.

It is also used with the verb gostar. For example:

Eu gostaria de ir ao centro. - I would like to go into town.

Also note that the first person plural contains an accent over the last "i".

Gostaríamos de ir ao centro se você chegasse também.


In regular verbs, the conditional is formed by adding these never-changing endings to the infinitive.

FALAR - to speak

I would speak Eu falar ia
You (s,inf) would speak Tu falar ias
He would speak
(also ela, você)
Ele falar ia
We would speak Nós falar
You (p) would speak Vós falar
They would speak
(also elas, vocês)
Eles falar iam

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