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Before you begin to study declension patterns, it is useful to look over this chart:

Polish hard and soft consonants
hard m b p w f n d t z s ł r g/gi k/ki h/hi ch/chi
soft mi bi pi wi fi ń/ni /dzi ć/ci ź/zi ś/si l rz dz c ż sz cz j

Hard consonants may change according to this table into their soft counterparts. Examples:

'sky' — Nominative: niebo, Locative: w niebie
'brother' — Nominative: brat, Locative: o bracie
'river' — Nominative: rzeka, Locative: o rzece
'leg' — Nominative: noga, Locative: na nodze
'bicycle' — Nominative: rower, Locative: na rowerze
'hell' — Nominative: piekło, Locative: w piekle
'Warsaw' — Nominative: Warszawa, Locative: w Warszawie

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