Polish/Conjugations of common verbs

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być - to be[edit | edit source]

This verb is very irregular.

Subject Verb Translation
Ja About this sound jestem I am
Ty jesteś You are (thou are)
On/Ona/Ono jest He/she/it is
My jesteśmy We are
Wy jesteście You (plural) are
Oni/One They are

Future tense of być[edit | edit source]

Subject Verb Translation
Ja będę I will be, I will
Ty będziesz You (singular) will be, You will
On/Ona/Ono będzie He/she/it will be, He/she/it will
My będziemy We will be, We will
Wy będziecie You (plural) will be, You will
Oni/One będą They will be, They will

mieć - to have (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Subject Verb Translation
Ja mam I have
Ty masz You (singular) have
On/Ona/Ono ma He/she/it has
My mamy We have
Wy macie You (plural) have
Oni/One mają They have

wiedzieć - to know (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

To know in the sense of "to be aware of/that/how"
Similar to French savoir, Spanish "saber", Latin "sapere", German "wissen", Dutch "weten".
"Ja nie wiem, co jest prawdziwe" - I don't know what is real.

Subject Verb Translation
Ja wiem I know
Ty wiesz You (singular) know
On/Ona/Ono wie He/she/it knows
My wiemy We know
Wy wiecie You (plural) know
Oni/One wiedzą They know

znać - to know (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

To know in the sense of "to be acquainted with, have experience of"
Similar to French connaître or Spanish "conocer", Italian "conoscere", German "kennen". Ex.: Do you know him? - Znasz go? Perfective: poznać

Subject Verb Translation
Ja znam / poznam I know / I will get to know
Ty znasz / poznasz You (singular) know / You (singular) will get to know
On/Ona/Ono zna / pozna He/she/it knows / He/she/it will get to know
My znamy / poznamy We know / We will get to know
Wy znacie / poznacie You (plural) know / You (plural) will get to know
Oni/One znają / poznają They know / They will get to know

szukać - to search for, to look for (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Perfective: poszukać

Subject Verb Translation
Ja szukam I am looking for
Ty szukasz You (singular) are looking for
On/Ona/Ono szuka He/she/it is looking for
My szukamy We are looking for
Wy szukacie You (plural) are looking for
Oni/One szukają They are looking for

About this sound jeść - to eat (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Perfective: zjeść

Subject Verb Translation
Ja About this sound jem / zjem I am eating / I will eat
Ty jesz You (singular) are eating
On/Ona/Ono je He/she/it is eating
My jemy We are eating
Wy jecie You (plural) are eating
Oni/One jedzą They are eating

robić - to make, to do (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Perfective: zrobić

Subject Verb Translation
Ja robię / zrobię I am making / I will make
Ty robisz You (singular) are making
On/Ona/Ono robi He/she/it is making
My robimy We are making
Wy robicie You (plural) are making
Oni/One robią They are making

dawać - to give (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Perfective: dać

Subject Verb Translation
Ja daję / dam I am giving / I will give
Ty dajesz / dasz You (singular) are giving / You (singular) will give
On/Ona/Ono daje / da He/she/it is giving / He/she/it will give
My dajemy / damy We are giving / We will give
Wy dajecie / dacie You (plural) are giving / You (plural) will give
Oni/One dają / dadzą They are giving / They will give

lubić - to like, enjoy (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Perfective: polubić

Subject Verb Translation
Ja lubię I like
Ty lubisz You (singular) like
On/Ona/Ono lubi He/she/it likes
My lubimy We like
Wy lubicie You (plural) like
Oni/One lubią They like

chcieć - to want (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Perfective: zechcieć

Subject Verb Translation
Ja chcę I want
Ty chcesz You (singular) want
On/Ona/Ono chce He/she/it wants
My chcemy We want
Wy chcecie You (plural) want
Oni/One chcą They want

woleć - to prefer (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Subject Verb Translation
Ja wolę I prefer
Ty wolisz You (singular) prefer
On/Ona/Ono woli He/she/it prefers
My wolimy We prefer
Wy wolicie You (plural) prefer
Oni/One wolą They prefer

iść - to go (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Note: Going somewhere on foot

Perfective: pójść

Subject Verb Translation
Ja idę / pójdę I am going... / I will go..
Ty idziesz / pójdziesz You (singular) are going / You (singular) will go
On/Ona/Ono idzie / pójdzie He/she/it is going / He/she/it will go
My idziemy / pójdziemy We are going / We will go
Wy idziecie / pójdziecie You (plural) are going / You (plural) will go
Oni/One idą / pójdą They are going / They will go

jechać - to go, to ride, to drive (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Note: In a car, in a train, on a motorcyle, on a bike, on a horse

Perfective: pojechać

Subject Verb Translation
Ja jadę / pojadę I am going / I will go
Ty jedziesz / pojedziesz You (singular) are going / You (singular) will go
On/Ona/Ono jedzie / pojedzie He/she/it is going / He/she/it will go
My jedziemy / pojedziemy We are going / We will go
Wy jedziecie / pojedziecie You (plural) are going / You (plural) will go
Oni/One jadą / pojadą They are going / They will go

widzieć - to see (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Perfective: zobaczyć

Subject Verb Translation
Ja widzę / zobaczę I see / I will see
Ty widzisz / zobaczysz You (singular) see / You (singular) will see
On/Ona/Ono widzi / zobaczy He/she/it sees / He/she/it will see
My widzimy / zobaczymy We see / We will see
Wy widzicie / zobaczycie You (plural) see / You (plural) will see
Oni/One widzą / zobaczą They see / They will see

pić - to drink (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Perfective: wypić

Subject Verb Translation
Ja piję / wypiję I am drinking / I will drink
Ty pijesz You (singular) are drinking
On/Ona/Ono pije He/she/it is drinking
My pijemy We are drinking
Wy pijecie You (plural) are drinking
Oni/One piją They are drinking

pisać - to write (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Perfective: napisać

Subject Verb Translation
Ja piszę / napiszę I am writing / I will write
Ty piszesz You (singular) are writing
On/Ona/Ono pisze He/she/it is writing
My piszemy We are writing
Wy piszecie You (plural) are writing
Oni/One piszą They are writing

mówić - to say, to speak (imperfective)[edit | edit source]

Perfective: powiedzieć

Subject Verb Translation
Ja mówię I am saying/speaking
Ty mówisz You (singular) are saying/speaking
On/Ona/Ono mówi He/she/it is saying/speaking
My mówimy We are saying/speaking
Wy mówicie You (plural) are saying/speaking
Oni/One mówią They are saying/speaking

nieść - to bear, to carry (perfective)[edit | edit source]

Imperfective: nosić

Subject Verb Translation
Ja niosę I bear / I am bearing
Ty niesiesz You (singular) bear
On/Ona/Ono niesie He/she/it bears
My niesiemy We bear
Wy niesiecie You (plural) bear
Oni/One niosą They bear