Policy Debate/What is Debate

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Debate is the institution through which words and manifest ideas consolidate their various aspects into one concrete movement and through formal processes are delivered in a style with the embodiment of Socraticism at its heart. Typically, two or more parties join together in a location, or in more recent times, in various locations connected through media airwaves, and exchange ideas and statement that after several periods of discussion develop into a seminar where the objective of each member is to persuade the others of the validity contained within their argument. In saying, "validity," it is meant to be taken that each argument is logical, rational in structure, and true in its implications.

As long as humans have possessed the ability to speak, they have also run into the necessity to argue or debate for these similar purposes. In its own right, debate is simply a more evolved form of argument. It is the essence of what makes us human, disagreement.