Policy-based Resilience Simulator with OMNeT++/Setting up Ponder

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Locating Ponder2 Directory[edit | edit source]

In the same deliverable folder mentioned in previous article, there will be a folder named "ponder2". Copy it to your omnetpp directory.

Install dependencies[edit | edit source]

Following dependency need to be installed before proceeding any further:

ant openjdk-7-jdk

Checking $JAVA_HOME variable[edit | edit source]

Now, type


in terminal. If there's something appearing, you can proceed- or else, follow this instruction or ant will not build Ponder.

Rebuilding Ponder2[edit | edit source]

Navigate to pondet2 directory in terminal and run

ant rebuild

Now, you may get the following error:

[apt] /home/jesse/omnetpp-4.1/ponder2/src/net/ponder2/support/CheckRMI.java:2: error: unmappable character for encoding UTF8
[apt]  * Copyright � 2007 Kevin Twidle, Imperial College, London, England.
[apt] 1 error

The error was caused by that character represented as "�" (which is "©" in real). To correct this, open the file


and removed that line from there- it doesn't matter, its just a comment-line. Save it, now run

ant rebuild

Now, Ponder is ready to go.

Running Ponder[edit | edit source]

In the same folder, run

ant run

in terminal to run Ponder2.

Checking Install[edit | edit source]

Now to check your install, you can follow the original article to run the example simulation provided in resilience folder.

Patching INET and ReaSE