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Razz is a variation on 7 card stud which has similar rules to the low hand rules for 7 card stud high/low. Instead of the best hand winning, the lowest hand wins in razz. Just like in high/low stud, straights and flushes do not count against the player's low hand. Unlike 7 card stud high/low, low hands do not have to contain 5 cards with a value under 8. Valid lows can include cards over 8, along with pairs and higher hands. Razz has a small, but loyal following online and in casinos. The frustrating aspect of Razz is that unlike all other forms of poker, pairs and 3 of a kind hurt instead of help. So it is common to have a beautiful looking hand after 4 cards, but then the cards start to pair up and it all ends in nothing. For basic stud rules, see 7 card stud.