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Midnight Baseball is a variant of 7 card stud in which all players cards are dealt face down, and players are not allowed to look at their hands prior to playing. In addition, as a variant of Baseball, 3s and 9s are wild, and players can get another card when dealt a 4. After all players have 7 cards, the dealer will turn over 1 card from the deck, and then the player to the dealers right will turn over cards from their hand until they have a higher ranking hand than what was turned over. Once they have a higher hand, they have the option of checking or betting. Once all players have called or checked, the next player to the right will turn over cards until they either bmake a higher hand, or turn over all their card. The betting process is again repeated and the game ends when all players have turned their cards over or folded. the winner is the player with the highest ranking 5 card poker hand.