Pokémon Emerald/Introduction

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The Starting screens[edit | edit source]

Starting the game[edit | edit source]

The Logo of the game will show up, and will ask you to press Start.

Press the Start button and a new screen will appear.

If it's your first time playing the game, you will have 2 options:

  • New Game
  • Option

Before you can start the game you can go to "Option" and set the text speed, frames and other preferences.

To start the game press "New Game".

Character customization[edit | edit source]

Pokemon Emerald doesn't offer much customization except for the gender and name.

Once the "New Game" button is clicked, Professor Birch will start presenting you the world of Pokemon.

After that, he will ask you if you are a boy or a girl.

After that, he will ask you for your name. Unlike the previous Pokemon games, you don't have name choices but you will have to pick your own. Choose your name wisely as it cannot be changed.

After choosing your gender and name, Prof. Birch will ask you if you are sure. Press "Yes" to continue, "No", to reset the whole Process.

After that, you will be told you are moving to Littleroot town, and your character becoming chibi to finally begin the adventure in the Hoen region!

Littleroot Town part 1[edit | edit source]

Setting your clock[edit | edit source]

You will immediately begin the game in small truck. Wait for the truck to stop shaking and the door in the right to open, and get out.

Mom will tell you about moving to town, and you will see Vigoroth setting the house. Mom will tell you to set the clock in your room.

Got to your room, and talk with the clock, you will have to set the time in your real world. Even though Pokemon Emerald doesn't offer Night and Day circle, it's important for Evee evolutions and events.

After setting the clock your mother will come to tell you that the movers finished unpacking, and that you should check your desk. You will see there Adventure Rules for how to open the menu and saving the progress of the game.

Before you go down, you can open your PC and withdraw the first Potion of the game.

Go down the stairs, and Mom will call you to watch your Dad on TV. But as soon you will get to the TV, it will be over. Your Mom telling you that your Neighbours is Professor Birch and that you should go see him.

Exploring Littleroot Town and get your first Pokemon[edit | edit source]

Go outside the house, and you finally can start exploring Littleroot town, you can talk with people and enter every house you see.

The House next to you is Professor Birch's house, get in and your rival and Professor Birch wife gonna start talking to you, telling you that her daughter/son (depends on who you picked at the start of the game, it will be the opposite gender) is upstairs.

But when you go up, he/she won't be there, only a Pokeball is lying down in the middle of the room.

Talk to the ball, and your rival gonna get in the room and introduce himself/herself. She will end up saying that he/she always helping his/her father in his field work, and will go to the PC.

You can check the Pokeball and your rival, but the whole scene here is done. The same downstairs. Get out of the house.

You can go to the Lab to see Prof. Birch, but his only assistant will tell your that Prof. Birch never doing desk jobs, and he's probably went out.

So get out of the Lab and go outside of the town, but you will be stopped by a child saying it's scary to walk outside because of scary Pokemon. Do go on, and you will see Prof. Birch in his fieldwork that went wrong, as he is chased by Zigzagoon. Prof. Birch will ask you for help, so go talk to the bag, and you will get to choose between three Pokemon:

  • Treecko
  • Torchik
  • Mudkeep

Choose the Pokemon you sure want, because that's going to be your first Pokemon in the game, no changes. After making sure you really wants that Pokemon, the Battle sequence will start.

Zigzagoon will be Lvl 2 and your Pokemon will be Lvl 5. Go for basic Tackle/Scratch/Pound attack (depend on the Pokemon you choose) several time, and win the battle.

After the battle Prof. Birch will thank you and introduce himself, and you will transport immediately to the Lab. There he tells you to keep the Pokemon, and you can choose to Nickname it if you want. After that he will ask you if you want to meet his son/daughter to help you. Choose "Yes" and he will sent your to your rival.

Getting out of Littleroot town[edit | edit source]

You won't find your rival back in his house, as he went already to route 103, so it's time to take on.

You can go back to your house so your Mom can heal your Pokemon.

Now it's time to encounter route 101.

Route 101, Oldale Town, and Route 103[edit | edit source]

Route 101[edit | edit source]

Now that we headed out of the town, it straight upward to the next town Oldale.

You will encounter in the bushes basic Pokemon as Wurmple, Zigzagoon and Puchyena, going between levels 2 to 3. You cannot catch them though because you don't have Pokeballs yet. But still encounter them to battle to gain experience points and level your Pokemon at least once, you will need it to your first rival battle.

Except for that there's nothing to do much in the first route, it's straight ahead to Oldale town.

Oldale Town[edit | edit source]

The two first thing you will see once getting to town - a clark and Pokemon Center, you can enter the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon, afterwards talk to the clark and he will introduce you to the PokeMart. Even if you know all this already, you will get helpful Potion in the end.

You can get in the PokeMart, but you can only buy Potions. If you followed through so far the guide, you should have 2 Potions, enough for the next battle.

Other than that, the people in town will give you advices in Pokemon battles and stuff. You can't go to Route 102 since there's a guy that looking at footprints, so your only choice is going up and up to Route 103.

Route 103[edit | edit source]

The same direction here is same as for Route 101, just continue up 'till meeting your rival.

You should level up your Pokemon if you haven't done 'till now, or even leveling it one more, at your own choice. Notice that now there's Wingull in the bushes, in case you want Flying/Water Pokemon later when you can catch Pokemon.

After training a little bit, if your Pokemon is hurt badly you can take Potion, or even going back to the Pokemon Center, it doesn't matter, just heal up your Pokemon and go speak up with your rival, your rival will see you have Prof. Birch Pokemon, and your first rival battle, BEGINS!!

First Rival Battle[edit | edit source]

Your rival's Pokemon is depends on which Pokemon you choose, he will have the stronger type advantage:

  • If you choose Treeko - Torchik
  • If you choose Torchik - Mudkip
  • If you choose Mudkip - Treeko

In either way, in this battle it doesn't matter since his/her Pokemon won't have any special type attack, and only be level 5 and since you leveled up your Pokemon, this should easy peasy using only basic attacks.

Littleroot Town Part 2, Catching Pokemon, and Getting out to route 102[edit | edit source]

Getting back to the lab[edit | edit source]

After winning successfully, your rival will tell you to get back to the lab.

Go back down to Oldale, you can heal up on the way in the Pokemon Center if you need. Head down and your rival will tell you keep going.

Keep going down in the hedges, get back to Littleroot town, and get to the lab.

Getting PokeDex and PokeBall[edit | edit source]

You will be automatically walk up to Prof. Birch, and he will compliment you on winning your rival, and give you a PokeDex to record your Pokemon.

Immediately at the same, your rival will give you 5 Pokeballs.

Running Shoes and Goodbye from Mama[edit | edit source]

Exit the Lab, and start going up to Route 101, you finally going to catch these Pokemon!

But before that, your Mother will stop you to give you Running shoes. To run you need to press button B while walking.

After that your Mother will say goodbye and burst to her house tearing, only to find her after that being regular NPC that healing you. But you will get back to your Mother later to get awesome Item. Not now, though.

So now, Head out to Route 101, to catch Pokemon!

Catching Pokemon[edit | edit source]

Now that you have PokeBalls, you can catch any of them using the "Bag" button in the Battle Screen.

You can catch any Pokemon there is in Route 101, or just what you want. If you don't want to, just keep forward. Just remember to weak them first before throwing the ball.

Getting out to route 102[edit | edit source]

We are finally going to explore new route and town, go up after your catches or not in Route 101, enter Oldale Town and heal as you want.

Now when you visit the PokeMart you can buy more PokeBalls and other stuff. Equip yourself well with PokeBalls and items before we going out, though you might not needs a lot, and you don't have much money either.

If you want you can go up to Route 103 to catch the Wingull over there.

Anyway, walk out to where the glasses boy where and he will let you leave, since he revealed he's researching his own footprints.

Route 102 and Petalburg City[edit | edit source]

Trainers and Items on Route 102[edit | edit source]