Pokémon Crystal/Welcome to Violet City

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Exploring Town[edit | edit source]

Just north of the gatehouse is a Pokémon center. Head in and heal up. Talk with some of the NPCs to learn more about the events of the previous game.

Trading for Rickey the Onix[edit | edit source]

In the bottom left of the city, there is a traditional looking house. A person inside offers to trade a Bellsprout for an Onix. Bellsprout can easily be caught on the prior route so it's a decent offer, especially if you want a rock type and didn't get one in the Dark Cave. Even though the game says to connect a game link cable, it's not needed. The Onix is named Rickey and is holding a bitter berry.

Earl's Pokémon Academy[edit | edit source]

Head north of the Pokémon Center to find Earl's Pokémon Academy. Read the notes on the notebook or on the blackboard to gain some tips about battle if desired.

At first, Earl is missing from the building. To find him, go to the gym exterior to find a spinning man in a green shirt with a strange way with words. He will ask "Battle GYM LEADER, win you did?". Say no and he will take you to the Pokémon School. If "Want to be a winner is you?" sounds good, then go inside to optionally ask him for more tips.

Sprout Tower[edit | edit source]

This swaying tower is home to a number of trainers, as well as some lore.

Pokémart[edit | edit source]

When you first arrive here, the Pokémart has the following items.

Item Purpose Cost
Poké Ball Catching Pokémon. 200 Pokemon Dollar sign
Potion Healing Pokémon Manually 300 Pokemon Dollar sign
Escape Rope Used for escaping certain areas. 550 Pokemon Dollar sign
Antidote Healing Poison Manually 100 Pokemon Dollar sign
Paralyz heal Healing Paralysis Manually 200 Pokemon Dollar sign
Awakening Awakening sleeping Pokémon manually. 300 Pokemon Dollar sign
X Defend Increases defense in battle temporarily. 550 Pokemon Dollar sign
X Attack Increases attack in battle temporarily. 500 Pokemon Dollar sign
X Speed Increases speed in battle temporarily. 350 Pokemon Dollar sign
Flower Mail Used for sending mail. 50 Pokemon Dollar sign

Other[edit | edit source]

In the house west of the Pokémart, you can get advice about naming Pokémon.

South of town is a berry tree with a przcureberry.

Further south is Route 32 which leads to the ruins of Alph and the next city.

The Gym[edit | edit source]