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Pokémon Crystal/Climbing Sprout Tower

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Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

When you are ready, enter Sprout Tower and climb the first set of stairs.

Sage Nico[edit | edit source]

The first trainer encountered is Sage Nico, who can be avoided with luck. However it's best to face him for the experience.

He starts with a level 3 male Bellsprout, which gives 54 exp when defeated.

He follows with a second level 3 male Bellsprout, which gives 54 exp when defeated.

He ends with a level 3 male Bellsprout, which gives 54 exp when defeated.

Winning the battle earns 96Pokemon Dollar sign.

Head right to reach some stairs back down to the first level. Head south to find a item ball containing a free PARLYZ HEAL. Stay on the floor and head west.

Sage Chow[edit | edit source]

You will be spotted by Sage Chow, who uses three level 3 male Bellsprouts. Beat them earn 54 exp each, 96Pokemon Dollar sign, as well as an awkward thank you from Sage Chow.

Go south to head back upstairs from a different point.

Head north to find an item ball with a free X ACCURACY.

Sage Edmond[edit | edit source]

Head south to potentially encounter Sage Edmond. To avoid him go all the way south before turning right. Edmond has three level 3 male Bellspout. Beat them for 54 exp each, and 96Pokemon Dollar sign total.

Continue east and head up the stairs. Head immediately east to open an item ball containing a potion.

Head up the central path to face a gauntlet of sages.

Sage Jin[edit | edit source]

First up is Sage Jin, who has a single Pokémon - a level 6 male Bellsprout. This may require a slight change in strategy, from sweeping weak teams to countering a strong Pokémon. This Bellsprout knows Growth, a move which raises its special attack, and knows Vine Whip as it's attacking move.

Beat it to gain 108 exp and 192Pokemon Dollar sign. Talk to Sage Jin after winning for a tidbit about personal growth.

Sage Neal[edit | edit source]

Sage Neal hypes up the HM here before you fight him, describing its utility in lighting dark places.

Sage Neal has a single level 6 male Bellsprout, which knows Vine Whip.

Beat it to gain 108 exp and 192Pokemon Dollar sign.

Sage Troy[edit | edit source]

Go left and up from Sage Neal to optionally trigger a battle with Sage Troy. Doing this does not open a path forward, but it may earn experience.

Sage Troy has a level 7 male Bellsprout, the strongest so far. It knows Growth to raise it's special attack and vine whip.

Beat it to get 126 exp.

Sage Troy follows up with a level 7 male HootHoot. Beat it to get 87 exp.

You'll get 224Pokemon Dollar sign for winning the battle.

Sage Li[edit | edit source]

Go right around the pillar to see a fight break out between your rival and the elder. The elder gives your rival an HM, but scolds him for his harsh style. Your rival will bump into you and espouse his philosophy, then use an escape rope to leave immediately. In game design, this is teaching mechanics by showing, rather then telling. You can get your own free escape rope by examining the item ball in the upper right corner of the floor.

Speak to the elder, Sage Li, when you are ready to begin a battle.

Sage Li has three Pokémon, starting with a level 7 male Bellsprout. It knows Vine Whip. Beat it for 126 EXP.

Sage Li follows with a level 10 male HootHoot. It knows tackle. Beat it for 123 EXP.

Sage Li ends with a level 7 male Bellsprout. Beat it for 126 EXP.

At the end of the battle Sage Li awards the player character 320Pokemon Dollar sign, as well as the HM Flash (HM05).

Leave the tower to continue onwards.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Unusually for a building, wild Pokémon can be encountered inside above the ground level.

  • Ghastly - Level ~4

Questions[edit | edit source]

  • The sages here wear robes and have shaved heads. Are there real positions which have this dress code?
  • Sage Nico says the flexible pillar affords the tower a degree of protection from earthquakes. Do real buildings use such techniques?
  • Sage Chow mentions they honor all Pokémon. However the sages mostly use Bellsprout. Is this a contradiction?
  • Sage Chow mentions that all life coexists through cooperation. Does this match a real life philosophy?