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Basic Statistics

[edit | edit source]
  HP Attack Defense Speed Special Attack Special Defense
Base Stats (RB/Y) - - - - -
Base Stats (GS/C) - - - - - -
Base Stats (RS/FL/E) 50 85 85 50 55 55
Base Stats (DP/PT/HGSS)
Base Stats (BW/B2W2)
Base Stats (XY/ORAS)
Base Stats (SM/USUM)
Base Stats (Sword/Shield/BDSP)
Max Stats (RB/Y) - - - - -
Max Stats (GS/C) - - - - - -
Max Stats (RS/FL/E) 304 295 295 218 229 229
Max Stats (DP/PT/HGSS)
Max Stats (B/W/B2W2)
Max Stats (X/Y/ORAS)
Max Stats (SM/USUM)
Max Stats (Sword/Shield/BDSP)
Effort Points (Sword/Shield/BDSP)

Type Matching

[edit | edit source]

Move types which are good on Mawile: Fire, Fighting, Ground
Move types which are bad on Mawile: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel
Move types which don't effect Mawile: Poison

All other move types are normal effectiveness on Mawile.


[edit | edit source]
Level Ruby / Sapphire Fire Red / Leaf Green Emerald
Start Astonish Astonish
6 Fake Tears Fake Tears
11 Bite Bite
16 Sweet Scent Sweet Scent
21 Vicegrip Vicegrip
26 Faint Attack Faint Attack
31 Baton Pass Baton Pass
36 Crunch Crunch
41 Iron Defense Iron Defense
46 Stockpile
Spit Up
Spit Up


[edit | edit source]
  • RS/FL: Attract, Brick Break, Double Team, Facade, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Focus Punch, Frustration, Hidden Power, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Protect, Rain Dance, Rest, Return, Rock Smash, Rock Tomb, Sandstorm, Secret Power, Sludge Bomb, Solarbeam, Strength, Sunny Day, Taunt, Torment, Toxic,


[edit | edit source]
  • RS/FL: Ancientpower, False Swipe, Poison Fang, Psych Up, Swords Dance, Tickle

Trading Cards

[edit | edit source]
  • EX Sandstorm #9 - Mawile