Playful Organizing/Time Management Technique

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A example of a time management technique you may want to use.

How do you know "what is the next right thing for you to do?"

So I created a little chart for myself that I put on top margin of my on-line notebook that serves as my personal journal.

The process goes as follows...

  • First Check In with yourself and handle any of these concerns.
  • Then accept Input.
  • Then Orient yourself.
  • Then Remind yourself of your plan of attack.

After that I spend time to Reflect.

And I put a line for my Values as footnote to myself.

An an example my chart looks as follows and you can customize your own to be useful and meaningful for yourself.

Check In [ ]Body [ ]Emotion [ ]Mind [ ]HigherPower [ ]SelfEsteem

Input [ ]Calendar [ ]Tasklist[ ]Folder [ ]EmailCall[ ]Other

Orient [ ]New/Old [ ]Commit. [ ]Project [ ]Support

Remind [ ]Values/Objs[ ]Stkhldr [ ]Tool/Rule[ ]CVS->BVS [ ]Training

Reflect [ ]Quality [ ]Speed [ ]Value($) [ ]Metric [ ]Closed

Values [ ]Respect Self, Othrs & Environs [ ]Be Useful[ ]Florish&Grow