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Menu containing various filters to apply to an image in order to produce special effects.

FILTERS modify your image.

Blur –

Box blur –

Gaussian blur - are all filters that will blur your image to different degrees.

Sharpen –

Unsharp mask – will increase the detail in the photo. They sharpen the edges and detail of objects in the photo. Results may be limited depending on the original image.

Noise – will make the image much like a newspaper photo with lots of dots. The amount of noise is adjustable.

Diffuse –

Scanlines –

Halftone –

Pixelate –

Pointinize –

Water swirl –

Polar coordinates –

Kaleidoscope –

Tilt shift –

Viginette –

Pastels –

Glamour glow –

Mimic HDR –

Hope –

Art poster –

Heat map –

Tri tone –

Night vision –

Emboss –

Engrave –

Find edges –