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Fundamentals/Techniques of Casting

Stand directly facing the target or slightly sidewise, with the right side (if right handed) towards the target and the right foot slightly advanced. The arms should be held in a relaxed "natural" position with the elbow at or near the side. The target should be aligned by looking at it through the top of the tip. When the rod and target are properly "ligned up", the tip of the rod brought in and up sharply to a vertical position and stopped suddenly the instant the backward motion of the tip stops. In order to control the line, it is necessary to thumb the spool when using the conventional reel. The tip of the thumb may be placed entirely on the line and partially on the flange of the spool. The thumb should apply firm pressure as the rod is brught back for the cast and held until the rod cmpltes its forward movement. The pressure is eased on the forward cast at about ten 'clck position, allwing the line to run, and then increase again just before the bait hits the target. As the rod reaches the vertical position, the grip of the three fingers is relaxed thst the rod breaks away from the palm. Beginning downward movement, they should be closed again. To bring the rod down, one must be careful to pass again through the "aiming zone" sighted at the beginning of the cast. The eyes should be "pick up" the plug soon after it is released, keeping the rod, line and target in alignment. The rod must be shifted to the left hand. The right hand grasps the handle of the reel and begins to reel in the line.