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A planche is a skill learned in Gymnastics where the goal is to hold the body in a position that is parallel to the ground while keeping the arms straight. When performed correctly, the body should appear to be floating. The skill requires an extreme amount of strength and a minimal amount of balance. Bending the arms, back, or the legs is incorrect form.

In order to progress to a full planche (Where the body is completely straight with the legs kept together) there are easier forms of planche to practice.

In order to gain the amount of balance you will need a frog stand is recommended.

After the minimal balance is learned, a tuck planche can be practiced. In this position the performer keeps their legs as close to their chest as possible (bending the back) while only touching the ground with their hands. Arms must be kept straight. Bending the arms will not train the correct muscles for a full planche.

After becoming comfortable in a tuck planche, the advanced tuck planche is the next step. This is the same position but the back is kept straight to increase the difficulty. (Legs are forced away from the body by becoming straight.)

The next step is the straddle planche. The back should be straight and the legs are now straight as well but kept separated from each other. (As if in the splits position but off of the ground staying parallel to the floor.)

The last step is the full planche where the legs are brought together. The is the most difficult form.

There are multiple ways of touching the floor with the hands. For people with flexible wrists, keeping the palms touching the ground while leaning forward would be easiest. For those who have less flexible wrists, going up unto the finger tips is easier because the back of the hand faces up instead of backwards. The last position is to have the hands placed backwards with the palms flat which can make balancing more difficult.

After mastering any of the positions, push up motions can be added for intense motion workouts.