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Try out cheaper entertainment. Instead of going out to a restaurant, why not a picnic? It'll be much cheaper and healthier. Only go to the movies on cheap night, at the cheap theater. Try renting movies instead or use NetFlix' service to rent unlimited DVDs for a fixed monthly price. You may not even need to buy cable! Bicycle rides are cheaper than drives. Home parties are better than going to the bar with your friends. Get in a habit of going to your local parks and being nice to people there. Be friends with your neighbors. Overcome social stigmas and stereotypes if you have to and meet people locally instead of going to bars and clubs and getting hung over the next day.
Try to go to a place of worship closest to your home. Ultimately, you should be attending somewhere within walking distance. If you can not get along with the people at the church across the street because of their race or culture or other personal differences and have to drive or bum of rides to somewhere half way across town just to worship, you have probably missed out the whole point of going to church. Do the things you enjoy, even if it means being alone or not going to church until you are ready. This will save a lot of money on alcohol, cigarettes comfort food or medical expenses in the long run.
Carpool to work. Once you're done with your children's clothes, keep them and give them to a family member. Take any old children's clothes that are in good shape and still semi-fashionable that your relatives and friends have to offer. The same goes for strollers and baby seats.
Got a gift you don't need? Give it to someone else instead of throwing it away. If you don't have a friend available, take it to the front or in a visible area where one of the neighbors can pick it up. You might just make more friends.