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The values keyword[edit | edit source]

values returns a list of all the values of the named HASH, when called in list context. Using Perl 5.12 or later, it will also return a list of the ARRAY. Older versions would produce a syntax error. If called in scalar context, values returns the number of values in the object.

A side effect is that any call on an ARRAY or a HASH will reset the internal iterator of the object. If called in void context resets only the iterator. In list context, values @array is the same as @array.

The values are returned as call-by-reference, so any modification to the elements would change the object content.

From Perl 5.14 onwards, values can evaluate an EXPRESSION that should have the reference to an unblessed hash.

Syntax[edit | edit source]

  values HASH
  values ARRAY

Examples[edit | edit source]

%hash = (foo => 11, bar => 22, baz => 33);

for (values %hash) {

See also[edit | edit source]

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