People's Tactics/Transfers

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Using the transfer command, you may transfer units from one formation to another. Transferring between non-SHQ units can only be done in the same hex, while transferring from SHQ units can be done over great distances provided you control the territory or the sea. At the start of the turn, the MOBCAP and the CARGOCAP of each SHQ is calculated on the basis of the number of mobile types (usually trucks) and cargo ship types in the SHQ. MOBCAP is spent by transferring over land and CARGOCAP is spent transferring over sea. You can only transfer to an overseas formation if there is a connection using 2 harbors (i.e. there is no version of amphibious supply for transfers). Transferring between units does not decrease the unit's built up experience; sending troops back to an SHQ, however, does.