Peacebuilding Manual/Purpose of a Peacebuilding Manual

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Purpose of a Peacebuilding Manual

As growing shares of aid resources, time and energy are being devoted to conflict prevention and peacebuilding projects, programmes, and policy strategies, there is increased interest amongst donors and practitioners, as well as people affected by violent conflict, to learn more about what does and does not work in building peace and supporting peaceful resolution of conflicts. This quest to improve our understanding of how peace can be built at local levels, especially in post conflict countries like Afghanistan, where access to justice is a continuing challenge and where an effective judiciary is still a long way to come.

The primary goal of this Manual is to provide guidance to those conducting or facilitating peacebuilding efforts and processes at the level of the community. It aims to assist practitioners working in the conflict prevention and peacebuilding field to better understand the steps required to achieve peace or at least to contribute to peace at local levels and simultaneously help trainers in the field of peacebuilding to optimise their efforts through an understanding of steps that work in building peace and/or resolving conflicts amongst rural communities.