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Question stems are

  • The primary purpose of the passage is to

Phrases used to denote this question choices

  • argue that, prove that

The LSAC released a ten year study commissioned by the American Bar Association which shows a strong correlation between the LSAT score and first year law school GPA. Another study done by Wikiversity School of Law confirms the notion that the LSAT is the best predictor of law school performance available.

  • claim, discuss, explain, illustrate, show how, suggest

The LSAT is a standardized test designed to measure the cognitive skills necessary for law school education.

  • compare and contrast

A few schools such as Yale do not rank the first year law students. The atmosphere tends to be more congenial and cooperative than some others such as Georgetown. The schools that have a class rank can be quite competitive and much more stressful to the students. One student describes his law school experience as "cut throat". One thing that the both types of law school share is that they all require a high LSAT score and solid GPA.

  • outline

The law school admission process can be summarized as follows. One year before the application deadline you need to sign up for the LSAT. Give yourself at least a few months before taking the test to adequately prepare for the test. When you receive the test score, start filling out the application.

  • provide examples, demonstrate

There are ways that you can become a lawyer without taking the LSAT. Concord Law School, run by Kaplan, is an online law school in California that does not require an LSAT score for admission. You can get a law degree in a foreign country and then get a LLM degree which qualifies you for writing the bar exam in New York.

  • trace the effect
  • caution that use

LSAC notes that though LSAT scores are one of the most reliable and useful tool in selecting students for law school admission, sole reliance on the number can be detrimental. No test is perfect and has a margin of error. LSAC therefore stresses the admission council to consider other factors along with the LSAT scores to make an informed decision.

  • advocate reform

Mr. Wiki calls for discontinuation of the LSAT since it not only exacerbates racial inequality but also gender inequality. He believes that only by introducing an unbiased and fair exam can the American legal system be free of the excess of litigious culture.

  • evaluate the view
  • review the treatment
  • survey the views
  • explore the origin
  • analyze
  • predict
  • correct
  • anticipate
  • define what

LSAT stands for law school admission test, a reasoning test developed and administered by Law School Admission Council, a non-profit organization, formerly know as Law Services.

  • locate the source/cause
  • identify
  • criticize

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