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The February 2007 LSAT On most test forms, the experimental section appeared in Section 1 or Section 3. The difficulty of the test was equal to that of other recent exams.

Analytical Reasoning[edit | edit source]

22 questions
The February games section as similar in difficulty to the December 2006 games section.

  • Game 1 Order with out column-5 questions (easy-medium)
  • Game 2 In-Out groups-6 questions (medium)
  • Game 3 Order with grouping-6 questions (easy-medium)
  • Game 4 Order with two tiers and distribution-5 questions (difficult)

Logical Reasoning[edit | edit source]

25 and 26 questions
The 26-question section as harder than the 25-question section. The 26-question section had a run of difficult questions in the middle of the section that was balanced by some easier questions sprinkled in at the end. The 25-question section had a steadier progression of difficulty. The overall distribution of questions on the test was consistent with that of other recent exams.

Reading Comprehension[edit | edit source]

27 questions
Somewhat easier than the RC sections that appeared on the June and October 2006 exams and more in keeping with the December RC section.

  • Passage 1 Humanities (easy)
  • Passage 2 Natural Science (medium-difficult)
  • Passage 3 Law (medium)
  • Passage 4 Social Science (medium-difficult)