Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/Sideflip

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The side flip starts out with a run and long strides. As you prepare to flip, take a small skip step dragging your back leg close to the ground. And it can be performed in two ways. 1-take strides and jump of a leading foot 2-skip jump into a jump with both feet.

You want to jump upwards and bring your knees into your chest and tuck as you jump up. You want your left hand (as if performing flipping to the right) to go over your head and follow through. Your right hand will go up and out and then brought into a tuck formation and brought in the pit of your knees. You are pivoting around your shoulders. As you land your feet unfold and bend your knees to absorb the shock. While practicing before performing you should practice rolling over a bail of hay, foam block, or any waist-high obstacle ... Technique is key here