Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/Handspring

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A Handspring is a tricking/gymnastics move in which you flip halfway, place your hands on the ground, spring off your hands continuing the flip that you started, and land back on your feet. Either a front handspring or a back handspring can be done.


[edit | edit source]
  • A front handspring is done while moving forward. You run, throw your hands into the ground while doing a forward rotation, then spring off your hands onto your legs, while keeping your legs straight. [Front Handspring Video]
  • A back handspring is done differently. It can be performed out of a roundoff or while stationary. First, you bend your legs about halfway, pulling your arms backward. Then you jump up and back off of your legs while flinging your arms over your head backward. As your hands hit the ground behind you, your body should be in an arc. That action should put enough momentum into your legs to flip you over and bring you back onto your feet.