Parkour/Aesthetic Moves/Frontflip

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[edit | edit source]

1. Take a 3 or 4 running steps.

2. Do your last hopping step because this is the take off.

3. Prepare yourself for the take off. Synchronize the following instructions below before the take off:

  • Hands up above your head.
  • Look slightly on the ground.
  • Always remember:

Keep your both feet in front of your face. Don't lean because leaning makes your front flip low and when you landed, it may cause damage to your heels.

4. After doing the previous set of instructions

  • First, throw your hands forward, jump high but straight and not in leaning position.Then, bring your knees to your chest quickly and grab it with your hands.

5. Always think the proper timing.Release your legs if your rotation is about 3/4 or 7/8.

6. Prepare for landing.Always land on the balls of your feet and not on your heels.Otherwise, it can injure your heels.