Palm OS Guide/Handhelds

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3com / Palm / PalmOne / Palm, Inc.[edit | edit source]

Palm III[edit | edit source]

Hold down the power button to toggle the backlight.

PalmV[edit | edit source]

With its sleek, legendary design, PalmV and PalmVx are marketed toward corporate executives and alike. It has successfully turned Palm handhelds from "geek's toys" to a fashion accessory and a symbol of status. PalmV comes with 2MB RAM in addition to 2MB of flash ROM while a later released Vx offers 8MB for more storage.

Sony[edit | edit source]

S series[edit | edit source]

PEG-S300[edit | edit source]

S300 is Sony's first attempt in PalmOS market. A grayscale, 16MB model offers Sony's original designs such as Jog Dial and Memory Stick that later revolutionized the Palm handheld market.

PEG-S500C[edit | edit source]

TH series[edit | edit source]

PEG-TH55[edit | edit source]

One of the best handheld ever made, Sony's TH55 offers innovative CLIE organizer which allows users to draw freehand notes, add stickers and even insert photos and sound clips on datebook entries, calendar and notes. TH55 is the only model in the TH series; Sony did, however, offer an alternative TH55DK model in Japan with dictionaries included. Sony also sold other models in the Europe (TH55/E1 and TH55/E2, which offer bluetooth) and in Asia-Pacific (TH55/H).

Handspring[edit | edit source]

Symbol[edit | edit source]

Kyocera[edit | edit source]